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Sanamed cream foam “Citrin”

Sanamed cream foam “Citrin”

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 SANAMED foot cream foam "Citrin"

A damp environment promotes bacterial and viral infections on the feet (including fungal infections), so that regardless of visible sweating, an unpleasant smell can also be very annoying. SANAMED foot cream foam “Citrin” is an antiperspirant with a 4-fold care formula to noticeably reduce sweating. When used regularly and daily, it results in dry and fresh feet. At the same time, its combination of special ingredients counteracts excessive drying and brittleness and provides soothing care for stressed skin. SANAMED foot cream foam “Citrin” is free of PEG, perfumes and dyes.
  • 4-fold care formula (1. sweating is regulated, 2. unpleasant odors are reduced, 3. stressed skin is cared for, 4. resistance of skin sensitive to fungi is strengthened.)
  • Optimal skin compatibility
  • Free from aluminum chloride
  • Free from PEG, perfumes and dyes
 Important ingredients:
  • Oak bark extract
  • sage
  • Mango extract
  • Panthenol
 Application and dosage:
Shake the can well before use. To remove, hold the spray head up/upright. Use sparingly. Apply regularly in the morning and evening in an amount about the size of a walnut to the skin areas and massage in carefully. Store at room temperature.
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