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Sanamed cream foam "Smaragd"

Sanamed cream foam "Smaragd"

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SANAMED "Smaragd" impresses demanding customers with its balanced combination of selected ingredients. Excellent skin care is achieved, among other things, with valuable evening primrose oil, which is said to have a noticeable relief effect even on itchy skin. An appropriate proportion of urea provides the skin with sufficient moisture. Allantoin and aloe vera ensure a balanced and pleasant feeling on the skin. SANAMED "Emerald" regenerates and strengthens your skin particularly effectively without impairing its natural functions.

  • Economical and good dosage thanks to an innovative dosage form (cream foam)
  • Pleasant smell
  • 5% urea
  • Fast-absorbing cream foam
  • Moisturizing
Important ingredients:
  • urea
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Allantoin
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera)
Application and dosage:
Shake the can well before use. To remove, hold the spray head up/upright. Use sparingly. Apply regularly in the morning and evening in an amount about the size of a walnut to the skin areas and massage in carefully. Store at room temperature.


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