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Triangle Powder Puff Soft Makeup Sponge

Triangle Powder Puff Soft Makeup Sponge

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This high-quality Triangle Powder Puff is designed to provide a soft and smooth application for face make-up, eye contouring, and shadow cosmetics.

Made of washable mini velvet, it is perfect for achieving flawless foundation coverage.

It's a quick and easy way for applying foundation, perfectly replaces your brush, letting your hands free.

Just need to stick some powder, and pat on your face slightly and evenly, and you will finish the foundation. You can apply makeup on-the-go.

Small size powder puff, bringing super comfortable concealer effect experience.


1. Grip power well and also save powder, these makeup helpers make your makeup looks more natural.
2. The puff is very fluffy, friendly to the skin, suitable for daily use, and has a good touch.
3. You can apply the entire face with the flat, large area and use corners to smooth out the narrower parts evenly.
4. Full of air feeling, can be used with highlight cream, blush cream, repair cream.
5. It is suitable for foundation, cream, concealer, blush, foundation, highlighter, etc.

*The product can be reused after washing and drying.

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